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Inclement Weather Plan


                                                                       Kingston Elementary 2023-2024

                                                                                                    Inclement Weather Plan


The best resource for school closings, delays or dismissal of school is WKYT channel 27 news or WLEX channel 18. The second best resource is our school Facebook page at Kingston Elementary Trojans. (The superintendent will notify the news stations, first,then he will notify the school. The school will then post the information to the FB page and send out a One Call message. Please ensure we have an accurate contact number on file at school so you will receive this notification.)




NO CHANGES WILL BE TAKEN OVER THE PHONE OR BY EMAIL. It is a child safety issue as well as a liability issue. Changes will be taken by either a hand-written, typed, or faxed note, with parent/guardian signature and date. If you fax a note, you must ensure that it was received. Please get any faxed changes to us by 2:00 p.m. to ensure we have time to process them. Our fax number is 859-387-2398. It will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify an adult that is identified on the check-out card in the event of an emergency to pick the child up from the school office no later than 2:40 p.m. or be present at the arrival destination!


{In the event of an early dismissal, transportation changes MUST be faxed to the school no later than 30 minutes from dismissal,, The dismissal time will be shared with you via FB and Blackboard.}


Download the inclement weather form here.